We are in the middle of the summer biking season and I have taken a week off. Why? To rest and recharge my legs after some very long rides. Overtraining can cause persistent soreness, suppressed immunity, injuries, moodiness and loss of motivation. Rest isn’t the absence of training, it’s an important component of it.

Best Practices-Approval-Launch Website

bestPOST SUMMARY: eMarketing people have to be ready to launch several versions of their product websites from approval from the FDA to full DTC launch.  Here are some best practices. (more…)

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Who are the 3 types of social patients?

Who are the 3 types of social patients?

screenshot_1802A small number of 42 social patients across four disease states – Fibromyalgia, hemophilia, MS, and asthma were studied by the New Solutions Factory. Most questions were open-ended, which allowed respondents to elaborate but the results are very interesting…

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Why Good Employees Make Bad Decisions

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You Control Your Company Culture

Richard Meyer's insight:

Employees Feel Like a “Cog in the Machine”

Brigadier General Stanley McChrystal is fond of saying that leadership starts with a shared purpose—when talented masons, carpenters, and glassworkers can all see the vision past their individual craft and know that they’re part of the team “building the cathedral.”

Detachment from the goals at large leads to detached interest. Employees feel left behind or that they aren’t heading in the same direction as the organization. This is where destructive self-interest begins to interference

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When looking at accomplishments in the past 12 months, more than half of marketers pointed to their effectiveness in uplifting digital marketing capabilities and improving engagement with customers online. Not surprisingly, there is still much room for advancement as nearly 60 percent of chief marketers list “digital marketing makeover” (involving platforms, programs and people) as the number one transformational project in the year ahead.

What do patients want in “mobile health”

What do patients want in “mobile health”

POST SUMMARY: What patients want/need in mobile health is much different than what marketers believe “we want”.  There are some opportunities but it’s going to take time and money to get right.



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It’s time to put away all the hype, all the bull and focus on some marketing truisms that are really important to your customers, prospects and brand. 1ne: Social is a tool that consumers use to get discounts, learn about new products or complain about your product(s) but consumers just don’t have the time to engage all the brands in their life.

Americans Are Too Afraid And Stressed To Take Days Off From Work

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American workers are too scared to go on vacation.

About 40 percent of us don’t plan on using all of our paid time off this year, according to a new survey released Tuesday by the U.S. Travel Association and GfK, a market research firm. The surv…

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DTC marketers: Your search budget just went up

DTC marketers: Your search budget just went up

making-customers-hate-you-makes-google-love-you-300x219POST SUMMARY: Google said that AdWords will no longer allow advertisers to prevent their ads from showing up on “close variants” of their keywords — i.e., ads will, by default, show up on both the advertiser’s keywords and on close spellings. If you bid on the singular version of a keyword, it might also show on the plural version and you can no longer tell Google you don’t want that. Your ads…

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Health misinformation

miinfoPOST SUMMARY: In an era where people don’t trust the mainstream media and get their new via the Internet everyone with a computer is a journalist. Unfortunately, there are too many people spreading misinformation and that misinformation is aimed directly at drug companies. (more…)

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