The FDA doesn’t understand social media

The FDA doesn’t understand social media

SocialMediaBlueComputerKeyPOST SUMMARY: At the heart of the FDA’s current social media marketing policy is the failure to understand how patients are using the Internet to make healthcare decisions. (more…)

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The Key To Employee Engagement Has Less To Do With Management Than You’d Think

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The struggle to keep even star employees engaged never ends. Here’s how to invest in people for better connections within your company.

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A report from The Incyte Group on social media marketing that states “U.S. marketers spent $3.08 billion on Facebook brand pages and social media advertisements and the investment return has been dismal” . The fact is, despite their reach, open social networks have not proven to be the most effective customer-acquisition or revenue-generation channels, and most businesses are still seeking to quantify the business value of their investments.

Payments to Doctors: Misinformation via the Web

Payments to Doctors: Misinformation via the Web

8532826-a-prescription-pill-bottle-with-rolls-of-cash-in-it--concept-or-metaphor-for-cost-of-drugsPOST SUMMARY: Physicians do not prescribe an Rx because they are getting paid by drug companies.  Actually, they are more likely to prescribe a certain product because of insurance companies and managed care incentives. (more…)

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Empathy: where do patients start?

Empathy: where do patients start?

empathypatientsPOST SUMMARY: In order to be great DTC marketers, we have to better understand patients and the wealth of health information that consumers have to sort through just to make basic healthcare choices. (more…)

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How Price Affects a Consumer’s Path to Purchase

Knowing and trusting a brand is a prime consideration for penny buys while good reviews top the list of criteria for expensive purchases. Here’s how the buying journey differs for a small purchase of less than $10, compared to a large purchase over $1,000. Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

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Digital marketing is moving at warp speed. Pharma companies need to build capabilities in house or ensure that their digital agencies are up to speed to ensure maximum ROI.

Rapidly changing digital marketing

Rapidly changing digital marketing

changingdigmktgPOST SUMMARY: Digital marketing is moving at warp speed.  Pharma companies need to build capabilities in house or ensure that their digital agencies are up to speed to ensure maximum ROI. (more…)

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Friday News Headlines

headlinesToday, 42% of doctors practice as salaried employees of hospital systems,up from 24% in 2004, according to Cegedim Relationship Management, a marketing consultant.  As a result, the pharmaceutical industry is shifting its sales efforts from doctors to the institutions they work for. In 2005, drug companies employed about 102,000 U.S. sales representatives, who mostly pitch to doctors. By…

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Is the FDA falling down on generics?

Is the FDA falling down on generics?

fridaynewsPOST SUMMARY: Eight out of 10 prescriptions written in the United States are filled with the no-brand name, generic version of the drug prescribed by a doctor.  The FDA mandates that generic forms of prescription medication contain the same active ingredient as the brand name, but the agency allows the generic version to use different inactive ingredients, including binders to hold the pill…

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